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We all love hot naked celebrities and in my case when they're classy like this photo set, even better. Cameron Diaz nude is a sight to see and seeing her in the S&M porno she did back in the 90's is even better.
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Jennifer Love-Hewitt has been gracing the screens from a young age, but she really got noticeable when she was in Party of Five. Her career skyrocketed and as she got older, her looks got better. She grew into a sexy woman with the best real breasts in the industry. But this petite chick with huge boobs doesn’t get naked very often. In her newest role, she stars in “The Client List”, which is a show staring Love that follows a single mom that gets a job as a masseuse that is more than willing to do sexual favorites for her clients for some extra cash. This seductive and erotic role is a turn on, even if she doesn’t get naked.

Love has a way to show off her sex appeal, even when she doesn’t bare it all. In this one photo, she is wearing nothing, except her favorite cowboy hart to cover her voluptuous tits. We all know how big and juicy they are, but there is something to erotic about seeing her bare skin everywhere else. This is the perfect picture to jerk off to and to create some amazing Jennifer Love-Hewitt fantasies that will turn you on for years.

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She’s just so damned yummy! With her racy new series about to begin, you have to ask.. how much more skin do we get to see>

jennifer love in bikini

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I think that almost everyone would agree with me that Jennifer Love-Hewitt needs to get naked a lot more on screen. Sure, she shows a nipple here and there and once in awhile the paparazzi catch her with an upskirt pic but there definitely needs to be some more Jennifer Love-Hewitt pics floating around out there. Unless of course you know that there are. Yes, I’m totally teasing you. There are lots of pics of her naked you just need to know where to find them. You need to understand that these pics are so rare and there is no way that they can be seen by everyone. These pics will please you and they might even shock you but you’re not going to want to miss the chance to see them. Want them? I know you do! So, I’ll tell you what. You remember to thank me for it later and I’ll show you the best pics of Jennifer Love-Hewitt that you can imagine.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is definitely one of the most gorgeous female leads in Hollywood today. Her roles in horror films are legendary and in the Ghost Whisperer the guys are drooling over her. So Ben, from the last season of The Bachelorette, must have been terribly surprised when she started giving him special attention. She’s been tweeting about him and they’ve been seen together a lot and they aren’t shy about showing the world how they feel about each other. Guess second place likely doesn’t seem too bad to Ben now, does it? Jennifer Love Hewitt is a hottie and her naked pics are rare but they exist. She’s popular so she makes sure that not too many of them leak out. But if you know where to look they can be found – and I do! If you want to see them for yourself you should check them out now!

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When it comes to celebs that they guys want to see more of, Jennifer Love Hewitt is at the top of the list. It could be because of her pretty smile or it could be those sparkling brown eyes and it could be her tiny little body. But my guess is that it is a feature of that body that is not so tiny – she’s pretty buxom for a tiny girl like her! Ever since Hewitt hit the television screens guys have been wanting more of her and I bet you’ve watched your fair share of her TV shows, too. When you crave more of her to move on to her movies. But your cravings aren’t being satisfied are they? Jennifer Love Hewitt just doesn’t show any skin!

I know that in your daydreams about her you see Jennifer Love Hewitt naked all the time but wouldn’t you like to see what that tiny body with the big tits looks like for real? Of course you do. The girl has the kind of body that should always be nude. Have you seen her nude pics? If you haven’t then you just haven’t looked in the right place. When you click on the link to see them you’re going to love them!

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vajazzling the vajayjay

Leave it to Jennifer Love Hewitt to over share when it comes to her private parts. The actress revealed to comedian George Lopez that she loves to give her private area a special treat in the form of a vajazzling. Just in case you have no clue what vajazzling is, it is the latest new trend in ladies’ intimate fashion where jewels are added to your vagina. Basically your lady part down under is bedazzled with crystals to make it more attractive.

Hewitt said a friend helped her don her private parts with Swarovski crystals after a break-up making her vagina look like a disco ball. While it is still too early to tell if this bizarre vajazzling habit will eventually catch on, it’s safe to assume that when fans go searching for pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt nude, they will be searching for something more intriguing than her mouth watering big boobs. Sure Hewitt’s massive boobs are always fun to gawk at and jerk off to but it’s one hundred percent guaranteed that these fans will be eagerly searching for her shiny jewel. And with all the buzz about her shiny box, even we can’t wait to see it.

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jenniferlovehewitnude6Nick Name : Love
Birth : 21 February 1979, Waco, Texas, USA
Height : 5′ 2 1/2″

Performing since she was very young, Love didn’t make it big until Party of Five but she has skyrocketed into our wet dreams ever since!

Jennifer Love Hewitt got nude recently when she decorated her fabulous pussy with Swarovski crystals, turning her naughty bits into — her words — a “pink disco ball.” It’s called Vajazzling.

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Love is her middle name but Jennifer Love Hewitt has not been very fortunate in the romance department. Despite being very beautiful with an enviable career, true love continues to elude the stunning actress. Amid reports that she has already chosen out at least three engagement rings to save her future husband the trouble of finding a ring when he gets ready to pop the question, her rep confirmed that she split with beau Alex Beh. The couple dated for more than a year and at the peak of their romance, Hewitt gushed about how Beh gave her flowers every single day.

Prior to dating Beh, the curvy beauty dated her Ghost Whisperer costar Jamie Kennedy for over a year before they called it quits. While her romantic life has all but come to a standstill, her career keeps going from strength to strength. The blog universe is buzzing about the fact that Hewitt is being courted for a role on Law and Order SVU. Rumors started doing the rounds that Hewitt was replacing Mariska Hargitay as the lead female detective. Hargitay recently adopted a child and it was uncertain whether she would return to the show in light of her new responsibility. NBC has confirmed however that the actress has signed on to return to the show and that a new detective – possibly played by Hewitt, will join the show about halfway through the new season.

According to the NBC entertainment president, the character’s introduction would lead to a “new relationship” between the two lead male and female characters. So Hewitt may currently be single but at least her work resume is about to get a huge boost and while work certainly won’t keep her warm at night, it will help pay for her vajazzling habit and the mortgage.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Boobs

Jennifer Love Hewitt Boobs

Her breasts mesmerize me, as they seem to defy the very laws of physics that contain us all. She must walk into a clothing store and have serious trouble finding bras that are both comfortable for her to wear, and large enough to conceal what needs to be. Does she ever just say, “Fuck it” and go without a bra, allowing gravity to exhibit to us the wonders of her form?

When she wears a dress such as this one, do the shoulder straps even need to be there? By the looks of things her wonderful tits could hold this dress up quite fine, testing the limits of its textile strength in the process. The fabric is bending to accommodate this unnaturally abundant challenger to its natural properties, and we are the better for it! There should be a law that Jennifer Love Hewitt must wear dress a half size too small, so we can all bear witness to two of God’s finer moments…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Spa Day Naked Massage

Jennifer Love Hewitt Spa Day Naked Massage

Every now and then I’ve wondered whether full release massage treatment exists for women. Are there secret places where beautiful women go to get erotic massages? Does Jennifer Love Hewitt walk into such a place and ask for me, as she loved how my hands made her feel before? As she lies on the table and removes the towel, I thank the gods for the head pillow, so she’s looking down and can’t see my boner.

I’m kneading her ass to the sounds of relaxation when it’s time to flip her over. I gently massage the head, face and neck, gulp, and move to gently massage her nipples, which instantly respond. I lightly trace a path to her pelvis and notice she slightly separates her legs, inviting me in. I massage her labia, outer to inner, and tease her clitoris before walking my fingers to her slick opening. I enter and find her g-spot, as her muscles clench around my finger. My talented hands bring her to orgasm, after which she lay motionless-another happy ending! Jennifer Love Hewitt nude… wow!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Nude Except Sheet

Jennifer Love Hewitt Nude Except Sheet

The life of a photographer must be bliss. When you look at your daily schedule and see Jennifer Love Hewitt-sexy shoot, penciled in, do you start dreaming up scenarios of getting her naked, if only for your eyes? I’m imagining the professional photographer suggesting, “Hey, Jen, how about we get you naked, but hold this small towel in front of your body?” She seems hesitant, but your sterling reputation of classy boudoir type work allows her to loosen her inhibitions.

Do you leer at her from behind your sunglasses as her naked body is positioned on the stage, trying to catch a glimpse between her legs as she kneels down? Do you even try to conceal your erection when that prize reveals itself to you? Do you conveniently forget to employ an oil girl for the day, allowing you to apply it yourself? It would be worth the entire struggle, from family photographer to local news photojournalist, to head shot cameraman, for one day behind the lens, adjusting focus on those breasts and pouty lips…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt See through dress

Jennifer Love Hewitt See through dress

We picture Jennifer Love Hewitt as she emerges from the water, thin white blouse revealing all that lies beneath, as it clings to every curve of her body like a second skin. She walks towards us impervious to her nudity, or completely un-self conscious about it, never taking her eyes off of your own body.

The wind is sweeping her hair giving her an air of mysterious sexuality as she settles next to you and whispers what she wants you to do to her. Your shorts belie your intent and she takes this as a sign that you too recognize the chemistry. The luckiest man in the world is led back to “Love’s” cabana where she doesn’t even bother closing the door before she jumps on your cock. In the bliss of the aftermath of this chance encounter, you realize how this was just like every one of your fantasies, and how each fantasy originated from a simple picture…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Glamour Shoot

Jennifer Love Hewitt Glamour Shoot

When the girl next door gets elegant, I just about lose control of myself. There’s something especially sexy about a girl that can throw on a t-shirt and sweat pants and get you hard, but when that same girl puts on makeup and an elegant dress, or slips into some don’t-even-ask-how-much-it-costs lingerie, there is not a sexier look in this world. The shock of seeing someone who was so attainable all of a sudden get glamorous is the best surprise a man can have.

Think back to your prom; remember how beautiful every girl looked? It was because they were all girls next-door glammed up. Now think of Jennifer Love Hewitt and the Party of Five girl next-door pops to your head. Then this picture is given to us and we see a princess with perfect hair and lips and beautiful clothes barely containing those wondrous tits. The red carpet fantasy comes true! Except you can’t wait to take her home and rip those clothes off…

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jennifer love hewitt boobs

jennifer love hewitt boobs

Jennifer Love Hewitt nude photos aren’t unheard of – after all, there are about a million of her fans out there that are just dying to get a peek at that cute body of hers. She takes good care of it so there is no reason that she should hide it. But the few that are available have been seen by everyone haven’t they? Hewitt fans are itching to get their eyes on some new Jennifer Love Hewitt nude pics that they have never seen before.

They think that they don’t exist but they do! It’s just a matter finding the right place. The newest of the nude Jennifer Love Hewitt photos are even sexier than you might imagine because she’s grown up a lot. She’s still got that slender body and those great tits, but she’s more mature now. Her body has that gentle look of a true woman!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage

Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage

There’s always been something so innocent about “Love”. As a young girl on Party of Five, she was the innocent girl, drawn to situations she may not have been ready for, by her prematurely developed body. She’s never really lost that innocence and this picture captures everything we love about the innocent girl next door. Her face and eyes are completely devoid of pretension and elitism. She could just as easily be a waitress at the local restaurant as a Hollywood starlet. But there’s something deliciously naughty about seeing a girl this innocent looking photographed so sexy.

Her shirt hanging open gives us a clue what’s underneath as her nipple hangs on to the thread to keep light from shining upon itself. Sometimes a tease is sexier than the full monty and this picture proves it. We can guess what she looks like underneath, but the agony of being so close is what gets us hard anticipating that instance when she lets us in on her big, juicy secret.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage

Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage

Gorgeous hair, inviting eyes, a bright smile….and oh my god, those tits! Have you ever seen such a picture? The things I would do to this girl based on this one photo alone. This has to be the best cleavage in Hollywood, and you know what great cleavage is perfect for…? Jennifer is a titty-fuck waiting to happen.

Close your eyes for a second and put those boobs in your vision. Imagine them naked and oiled up, lying in front of you. Imagine her pushing them together to form the softest, smoothest pocket for your cock as you slide it in the valley of the tits. How long would you last? Ten strokes? Twenty? Thirty strokes before you abused her beautiful face with your seed? See her reaction as she smiles at you, as if she’s been waiting for someone to treat her like a bad girl all along. Usually a picture says a thousand words, but I’ll just shut up and let you indulge your own fantasy.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt nude

Jennifer Love Hewitt nude

This scene is so tantalizingly close to the Holy Grail of Jennifer Love Hewitt, that it makes one believe in the redemptive powers of the Grail. We watch the movie and see Jennifer in a bra and think, gooood, then see her un-strap the bra and think, no way!, then see her stand topless in front of the camera, but with the camera panned a tad too high, and start screaming bloody murder.

How can the director cheat us like this?! We’ve searched far and wide for Jen’s full tit shot, and you have the nerve to play with us like that? You get viciously mad, but then look at Love and see her for all that you fell in love-pardon the pun-with. The innocence, the un-self conscious sexuality, the girl next door attainability all revitalize you, as the Grail is supposed to do. And we are better equipped to handle the day when the clouds part, the angels sing, the web page turns and we are granted ALL the Love there is!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt - Twin Towers

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Twin Towers

I call this picture the twin towers. It stands alone in my spankbank as “Love’s” hottest picture. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the surreally formed tits in lacy lingerie announcing their presence for the camera. And well they should. They seem to be sticking straight out in such a way that women’s breasts just aren’t supposed to. There’s no fantasy about Jen more prevalent to myself than the titty fuck to which I’ve already alluded. And with the grand canyon she can create, it’s a well suited fantasy.

But I want to draw attention to her lips. One doesn’t often think of Love as having pouty lips, but this picture makes them straight up DSL-dick sucking lips. Can you even picture them wrapped around your cock, trailing lipstick as climbs up and down your shaft without wanting to cum? Those lips are the perfect pillow to caress and squeeze every last drop of “Love” juice out, and the look in her eyes says she wants to do just that!

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Hot and Sexy Jennifer Love Hewitt Upskirt

Hot and Sexy Jennifer Love Hewitt Upskirt

I can’t see a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt acting playfully sexy without thinking if she is like this in private with her lovers. As she’s doing something so mundane as cooking breakfast, will she walk by me and flip up her skirt, revealing to me her shaved snatch? If she does, she better be prepared to be bent over the counter. I’ll lift the skirt right over her head and have her bare ass exposed to me as I unzip my pants and pull out the general. I can see her reflection in the polished ceramic of the oven top and her eyes are begging me to violate her.

I recall Last Tango and Paris and grab a stick of butter and, well, lube her the organic way. I slide in without effort and soon “Love” is swaying against my cock as I rhythmically burst through her back door. I finish in her and she simply gets up, adjusts her dress, and finishes making breakfast. A welcome interlude in an already deliriously enjoyable life!